Bentley's first all-electric vehicle will feature hands-off self-driving technology, it has been revealed. Speaking with UK outlet AutoCar, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark confirmed that the British marque's first EV will initially offer partial hands-off driving on motorways. Fully autonomous driving will come later, potentially through over-the-air software updates.

Hallmark also confirmed that Bentley will use Mobileye’s SuperVision technology. The SuperVision system features 11 cameras and will also be used on the upcoming Porsche Macan EV

Although it was initially believed that Bentley's upcoming EV would be a high-riding sedan or crossover, it could also be a sportier two-door coupe. Last year Hallmark revealed that Bentley's first EV would have up to 1,400 horsepower and be capable of sprinting from 0-60 miles per hour in just 1.5 seconds.

Such stats are unlikely for a crossover, even in the electric age. That said, it's still a possibility. Hallmark also hinted at a "slower version" of Bentley's first EV aimed at customers who find the 1,400 hp variant uncomfortably quick.

Bentley will launch a new electric vehicle every year from 2025 through 2030. The luxury automaker is also investing over $3 billion into its Crewe facility to completely overhaul it for the electric era. 

Britain's other famed luxury manufacturer, Rolls-Royce, is set to launch its first EV this fall. Dubbed the Spectre, it's a luxury coupe based on the same platform as the combustion-engined Phantom and Cullinan. The Spectre features a dual-motor layout and is powered by a 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The electric two-door has a claimed range of 310 miles. With a 4.4 second 0-60 mph time and top speed of 155 mph, the Spectre is more than quick enough  - although it's fair to say Bentley's EV will probably come out ahead in a straight-line sprint.



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