Ducati is a brand that's best known for two things: the color red, and producing some of the world's fastest, most desirable motorcycles. Considered by many as the Ferrari of the motorcycle world, Ducati also has the some of the winningest motorbikes in the world of racing. That being said, Ducati has taken its expertise in the world of motorbikes, and thrown it into the world of electric bicycles. 

For a couple of years now, Ducati has had quite an impressive array of electric bicycles in its arsenal. From commuter focused models under the Scrambler lineup to performance-oriented, for-sport bikes like the Futa and MIG-S, Ducati is continuing its e-bike exploits with the launch of the 2023 E-Enduro Powerstage RR Limited Edition electric mountain bike. The new model is Ducati's first full-carbon fiber electric mountain bike, and features a dizzying array of technology to make it a thoroughly capable off-road machine. 

Ducati Pulls The Covers Of The E-Enduro Powerstage RR Electric MTB

On the performance side of the equation, the E-Enduro Powerstage RR Limited Edition is equipped with a Shimano EP801 motor with a nominal power output of 250 watts and a torque rating of 85 Newton-meters of torque. Aiding the bike's lightweight carbon fiber design, the Shimano e-bike motor weighs in at just 2.7 kilograms. As for the battery, the bike is packing a 630-watt-hour battery pack giving it ample range for your off-road exploits. 

Interestingly, Ducati hasn't opted for the entire Shimano package when setting up the E-Enduro Powerstage RR. Instead of a Shimano drivetrain, the bike is rocking a 12-speed SRAM electronic drivetrain, further adding to the bike's fancy technology. It also rides on Öhlins suspension components front and rear, with 180 millimeters of front and 170 millimeters of rear travel. Rounding up the bike's underpinnings is a mullet configuration, with a 29-inch wheel up front, and a 27.5-inch wheel at the back, both of which shod in Pirelli Scorpion tires for a more comfortable ride. 

Ducati Pulls The Covers Of The E-Enduro Powerstage RR Electric MTB

Other features include two-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 203-millimeter rotors, as well as a remotely controlled seatpost for on-the-fly height adjustment. As part of the Shimano powertrain, the bike also features the Shimano SC-EN600 LCD setup, allowing riders to toggle settings on the go. It's also compatible with the Shimano ETube Project mobile application, for even more customizability. 

When it comes to pricing, nothing with a Ducati badge has ever come cheap, and indeed, the E-Enduro Powerstage RR Limited Edition is no different. With a price tag of $11,990 USD, it's only $1,000 USD cheaper than the base model Ducati Monster 937. 

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