Ahooga, a Belgian company, is trying to change people's perceptions on folding bikes. Ahooga has been devoted to delivering unique and diverse solutions for urban commuters since its inception in 2017. The firm now provides three separate bicycle models: the Urban, an electric city bike; the Modular, a fully-equipped model; and the Pliant, a folding bike. Ahooga is now introducing their newest product, the Ahooga Max.

The Ahooga Max, created in Brussels and built in Anderlecht, aims to expand the capabilities of folding bikes even further. It has a sturdy double-tube frame that promotes stability and agility throughout rides while remaining stiff. The bike's 20-inch wheels provide a good blend of mobility and control. Meanwhile, its folding mechanism has been improved to deliver a quicker and more efficient folding experience, requiring only a few seconds to complete. When completely folded up, the bike takes up just 73 x 70 x 44 centimeters, making it conveniently transportable and storable.

The bike is intended to be readily transported on its wheels without the need to fold down the front wheel or saddle, making it convenient to move it around indoors. The Ahooga Max offers a variety of personalization possibilities, including eight original colors and seven two-tone variants. It also has an adjustable stem and saddle to allow users to optimize the bike's ergonomics. Notably, the lighting system on the bike is integrated and linked to the battery, eliminating the need for USB charging. This guarantees that riders have a steady and stable source of light, even after the sun has set.

The Ahooga Max has a front-mounted motor that is powered by a removable 248 Wh battery built into the top tube of the frame. The Ahooga Max boasts an estimated 50 kilometers (about 30 miles) of range in eco mode, allowing riders to go quite a ways without fear of running out of juice. The bike is equipped with a Shimano Nexus 7-speed transmission, which is designed specifically for city riding. Finally, the bike is outfitted with Schwalbe Big Apple balloon tires, which are known for their superior shock absorption and grip, resulting in a pleasant and stable ride in all conditions.

Belgian E-Bike Specialist Ahooga Presents The Stylish Max Folding Bike

This premium model costs €3,499, which is roughly $3,829 USD. While the Ahooga Max is more expensive, it merits its premium rank with its sleek and attractive appearance, unrivalled convenience, and sophisticated functionality.

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