These days, there are tons of new electric bicycles on the market designed to provide as much utility as a car. Indeed, electric bike manufacturers have made it a practice to compare the capabilities of their e-bikes with cars, brandishing the claim that their two-wheelers could ultimately replace a car for people's day-to-day commutes. 

Of course, different people have different needs, and not everyone will be able to get by on two wheels on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the cargo electric bikes in the market today make this a viable option for a wider selection of individuals. Speaking of which, German brand Tern has pretty much set the standard when it comes to utility-focused e-bikes, and it continues innovating to bring better, more user-friendly products to the market. 

Back in 2019, Tern released the HSD electric bike, sort of like a crossover between a full-on cargo bike and a city commuter, the Tern HSD is back for 2023 with a whole host of updates. According to tern, the new aluminum frame is 39-percent stiffer at the rear, and 15-percent stiffer at the top tube. This should provide riders with extra stability, especially when carrying cargo on the rear luggage rack. Speaking of the rack, it's now capable of hauling up to 80 kilograms, as against the previous model's 60 kilos. This opens up possibilities for two-up riding, provided accessories with passenger accommodations hit the market.

Tern Presents The 2023 HSD Cargo Commuter E-Bike

It's impressive to note that the 2023 Tern HSD has a total carrying capacity of 180 kilograms, considering its rather small and compact size. It rolls on 20-inch wheels, and has a foldable frame, allowing for quick and easy disassembly. Furthermore, the bike can be stored upright thanks to a rear stand. 

Diving into the performance element of the bike, it's now powered by a Bosch Performance Line, a significant upgrade versus the previous model's Bosch Active Line Plus setup. Here, it gets 65 Newton-meters of torque, allowing riders to confidently tackle the steepest hills. The 2023 HSD also gets the Bosch Smart System display, allowing riders to access bike settings, navigation, and ride data. The system is also compatible with Komoot and Strava, and has built-in geolocation and an anti-theft alarm. 

Prices for the new Tern HSD start at €4,699, or about $5,065 USD, a marginal markup versus the previous model's retail price. Tern is also expected to launch a whole host of accessories designed to boost the HSD's practicality. These consist of pannier racks, a passenger seat for both humans and pets, grab bars, and other luggage accessories. 

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