All-electric RV company Lightship announced it signed a lease agreement on a 32,000 square-foot facility in Broomfield, Colorado.

The newly constructed building is located within the Baseline Innovation District and will house the company's pilot manufacturing operations for the Lightship L1, a solar and battery-powered travel trailer that was first shown in March.

Lightship says the L1 has seen high demand following its launch, and plans to start production at the new site in late 2024. The company expects the new site will add dozens of jobs in high-tech manufacturing and clean technology as it ramps up production. 

"This is a big milestone for Lightship and a steppingstone to ultimately producing thousands of vehicles in the future and helping to introduce electrification to a pastime enjoyed by millions of American families. I grew up in Colorado and am thrilled for Lightship to set up its first production facility and contribute to the growing ecosystem of climate tech and hardware manufacturing in my home state."

Toby Kraus, Lightship Co-Founder and CEO

Broomfield is described as an up-and-coming innovation hub with access to a strong labor pool in Denver, Boulder and surrounding areas.

Gallery: Lightship L1 All-Electric Towable RV

Lightship plans to showcase the innovative L1 all-electric RV at various events in Colorado throughout the year, including the Overland Expo Mountain West in Loveland, Colorado from August 25-27.

The Lightship L1 travel trailer is a purpose-built, aerodynamic all-electric RV developed by a team which includes alumni from EV startups such as Rivian, Proterra, Lucid, Zoox, and Tesla.

The company says the L1's design is three times more aerodynamic than a traditional travel trailer, offering longer range and greater efficiency. This means a 300-mile range EV used to tow it remains a 300-mile range EV, and a 25-mpg gas truck remains a 25-mpg gas truck.

That's because the trailer features its own electric powertrain with up to 80 kilowatt-hours of onboard battery capacity, which allows it to propel itself and achieve near-zero range or efficiency loss for the tow vehicle.

The Lightship L1's battery system is said to provide a week of off-grid power without charging, especially since it also has up to 3 kW of solar power. The trailer also benefits from an ecosystem of all-electric appliances, connected features, and modern amenities.

The L1 starts at $125,000 or $118,400 after an available tax credit and is available now for a $500 reservation fee.

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