Today’s e-bike market is filled to the brim with all sorts of machines for folks looking to ride in all sorts of terrain. On the one hand, you have your practical and convenient commuter e-bikes designed to shuttle you to work or school and back in a breeze. You also get a myriad of utility-focused cargo e-bikes with impressive payload capacities. On the other end of the spectrum, you get machines designed to tackle all sorts of off-road terrain.

Indeed, bikes like the DYU King750 and the Watt Wagon Hound are perfect for folks looking to tackle some rugged terrain, but not everyone is looking to hit the trails on two wheels. For whatever reason, there seems to be a growing interest in three-wheeled e-bikes – or e-trikes, as they’re called. These nifty three-wheelers are becoming more and more capable too, more than just hauling you and your belongings around.

Take, for example, the two new electric trikes by U.K.-based company Jorvik Tricycles. The JMT-11 and JMT-13 are electric “mountain trikes” designed to be ridden off-road. Equipped with a 250-watt and 500-watt motor respectively, these trikes are powered by Bafang electric motors, and feature quite a lot of technology. That being said, it’s worth noting that only the 250-watt JMT-11 can be used on the street, as the powerful JMT-13 does not comply with e-bike regulations in Europe and the U.K.

Jorvik Presents Two New Electric “Mountain Trikes” For Off-Road Adventures

As for the battery tech involved, both trikes come with a dual-battery setup, with a capacity of 840 watt-hours. The batteries are lockable and removable, making for convenient charging both on and off the bike. The smaller and more affordable JMT-11 is rocking a 250-watt, front-hub mounted Bafang electric motor. The back wheels are connected to the pedals via chain, and the rider can smooth out pedal strokes thanks to a Shimano Nexus seven-speed geared hub. It soaks up roots, ruts, and gravel with an RST suspension fork.

Meanwhile, the fancier and more powerful JMT-13 is equipped with a mid-drive Bafang M500 electric motor with 500 watts of nominal power output. It gets beefier Trama hydraulic suspension forks, and a nifty color display allowing riders to have easy access to the e-trike’s settings. It’s equipped with the same 840-watt-hour battery setup as the smaller JMT-11. The JMT-13 carries a price tag of £4,099, or about $5,089 USD, while the JMT-11 retails for £3,899, or about $4,841 USD.

It’s interesting to see electric three-wheelers becoming more and more specialized as time goes by. Indeed, biking – both electric and otherwise – is tons of fun, and is proving to be a big part of the future of personal mobility. Expanding options to include three-wheelers makes it more accessible to a wider range of riders, as not everyone is capable of balancing on two wheels.

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