In May, NIO delivered 6,155 all-electric cars (globally), which means a slight decrease compared to both April (6,658) and the previous year (7,024, down 12 percent).

The Chinese premium EV start-up usually sells more cars than 6,000+, but currently the company is in a transition phase, from NT1.0-based models to NT2.0-based models, which affects the results.

The overwhelming majority of NIO sales are in China.

The volume of 6,155 units includes 2,396 crossovers/SUVs (down 55 percent year-over-year) and 3,759 sedans (up 120 percent year-over-year).

The company does not provide a breakdown between the individual models anymore.

NIO EV deliveries last month:

  • Crossover/SUVs (EC6, ES6, EC7, ES7, ES8): 2,396 (down 55% year-over-year)
  • Sedans (ET5, ET7): 3,759 (up 120% year-over-year)
  • Total: 6,155 (down 12% year-over-year)

NIO Car Sales – May 2023

So far this year, NIO delivered more than 43,800 electric vehicles, which is over 16 percent more than a year ago.

NIO EV deliveries year-to-date:

  • Crossover/SUVs (EC6, ES6, EC7, ES7, ES8): 14,539 (down 59% year-over-year)
  • Sedans (ET5, ET7): 29,315 (up 1,044% year-over-year)
  • Total: 43,854 (up 16% year-over-year)

The decrease in crossover/SUV sales by almost 60 percent year-over-year is pretty worrying, but as we understand, it is related to the switch to next-generation vehicles. In other words, it should improve.

For reference, in 12 months of 2022, NIO sold more than 122,000 electric cars globally:

Cumulatively, NIO sold 333,410 electric cars (the 300,000th car was produced on December 12).

2023 NIO ES6 (NT2.0)

2023 NIO ES6 (NT2.0)

2023 NIO ES6 (NT2.0) interior

2023 NIO ES6 (NT2.0) interior

Model Lineup

In May, NIO launched in China a second-generation version of the ES6, based on the NT2.0 platform. According to the most recent reports, the crossover/SUV attracted nearly 30,000 pre-orders within the first three days.

"On May 24, 2023, NIO launched the All-New ES6, a smart electric all-round SUV in China and started its deliveries the next day. Derived from NIO Technology 2.0 (NT2.0), the All-New ES6 offers enhanced driving and riding experiences with exquisite design, high performance, superior comfort, and advanced digital systems. The All-New ES6 caters to wide-ranging journeys of users for their family, business and leisure needs."

This month, NIO will launch the all-new model, the ET5 Touring mid-size smart electric tourer (NT2.0-based), which also means the immediate start of customer deliveries.

By the end of this year, the NIO's lineup should be significantly refreshed, which potentially will boost sales to the more appropriate five-digit level (per month).

NIO Technology (NT1.0) platform:

  • outgoing EC6, ES6, ES8

NIO Technology (NT2.0) platform:

  • Crossover/SUV: ES7 [in Europe known as EL7], EC7, new ES8 (from June), new ES6 (from May) [EL6 in Europe]
  • Sedans: ET5, ET7
  • Tourer: new ET5 Touring (from June)
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