A new ownership review of the Lucid Air Grand Touring on YouTube sheds light on the electric sedan’s several pros and cons. Steve, who previously owned a Tesla Model S and Model X, received his Air Grand Touring towards the end of 2022, and he has had it for about 6 months now. 

Steve picked the 819-horsepower version of the Lucid Air Grand Touring with 20-inch wheels. The car has an EPA-estimated range of 469 miles and a 0-60 miles per hour time of just 3.0 seconds, which is an insane figure for a luxury barge.  

In his view, Teslas come with a more satisfying charging experience. All chargers at the Tesla Supercharger stations are functional, whereas Electrify America’s network has some niggles – there’s usually a charger that’s broken or under maintenance, according to him. Sometimes when the charging park is crowded, he has to wait for a vacant spot – an issue he never faced with Tesla Superchargers.

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In terms of charging speeds, Steve got a maximum rate of 249 kilowatts at Electrify America’s 350 kW charging stations. 

Next, Steve spoke about real-world range. The Air Grand Touring with 19-inch wheels is currently the longest-range EV with 516 miles of EPA-estimated range. Steve’s car has 20-inch rims, so the range is slightly less at an EPA-rated 469 miles. He gets about 420 miles in the real world, which is still remarkable.

He also pointed out some niggles that bother him. When his car was new, the flush door handles sometimes didn’t pop out, and he had to unlock and lock the car a few times using the key fob until they functioned. Moreover, the 34-inch 5K glass cockpit display is sometimes laggy, although software updates have made the user experience much better, he said.  

Despite the issues, Steve has no regrets and is happy with his Air Grand Touring. Watch his video above to learn more about his ownership experience – he has covered several more aspects, including service experience and comfort. And as always, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments. Do you think the Lucid Air is worth its hefty price tag? 

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