We've been publishing articles about Tesla's reported "Project Highland" Model 3 for some time now, and we didn't even start covering the potential project until long after Tesla reportedly launched it. That's because there weren't any images or videos, at least initially. However, now we have loads coming in, and the most recent shows what appears to be a refreshed Model 3 with a new steering wheel.

A recent Reddit post brought our attention to an image of the reportedly refreshed Tesla Model 3 with the driver's side door open. It's zoomed in nicely, so you can see the steering wheel pretty well, and it's clearly not the one we're familiar with from the current Model 3. While you can't see much of the rest of the car or its surroundings, that's all very clear in the video above, from which the screenshot was captured.


The YouTube video comes to us from Caliber197. It's a 14-minute drone flyover showing the refreshed Model 3 testing under wraps. Reddit user wroniec498 credits Hector (@hector6969696969) on TikTok for the image.


Regardless, it appears the video shows a Model 3 testing, it's certainly covered at the front and back, and you can even see the driver use the touch screen to put the Tesla in reverse, since there may not be a stalk. Check out the full YouTube version of the video at the top of the page and start watching at 3:22.

There are some details suggested in the Reddit comments. While most have to do with the potential lack of stalks, along with peoples' opinions about that choice, one user says the steering wheel looks like the one in the Tesla Semi, We agree that it's similar, but almost certainly not the same.

Tesla Semi new photos

What's your take on a refreshed Model 3? Is Tesla moving forward with it but trying to keep it under wraps? Is it simply that Tesla doesn't "refresh" its models, and it will soon launch a Model 3 with some notable updates that it refuses to call a refresh? If all these sightings are of Model 3s that aren't real or weren't produced by Tesla, where are they coming from?

Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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