We often first learn about automakers' upcoming products and features from secondary sources, and they're often anonymous. However, there's a much better way. Provided it's an option, it's best to go directly to the source. Rivian just added a new "Ask Rivian" Q&A session video to its YouTube channel featuring its SVP of Software Development, Wassym Bensaid.

The software executive spends about 12 minutes talking about Rivian's upcoming features, upgrades, and overall improvements. While 12 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, Bensaid is able to cover over 20 interesting topics, ranging from Rivian's upcoming Drive Cam feature to Vampire Drain, Easter Eggs, Car Play, Towing Improvements, and much more.

Much like Tesla, Rivian proved from the onset it could bring unique and compelling EVs to market to wow people. However, it had to start with pricey options, and it's struggling, as expected. Most startups have tough times early on, and this is especially true of automakers. Until Tesla came along, there really wasn't a successful new carmaker in the US for decades.

Rivian has made it clear over the last year or so that it would be making some major changes going forward. The goal is not only to cut costs and minimize its struggles, but also to make its products better and more affordable, which means more in-house software development.

The US electric automaker employs free over-the-air software updates so that it can quickly add and improve features. With a series of these updates in the pipeline, including a built-in dashcam like TeslaCam, software executive Bensaid took to Instagram to fill folks in and answer a number of important questions. 

Rivian is also working on in-car video streaming. The update will also feature upgraded audio, coined "Elevation Audio," which Rivian is producing in-house. The automaker has been called out for its electric trucks' notable battery drain while parked (Vampire Drain), which is also being addressed along with a series of related improvements, including battery preconditioning and range increases via software updates.

Rivian provided the following list of topics and timestamps so you can hone in on what interests you most. However, we will tell you that it's worth the time it takes to watch the video Q&A in full.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:15 Source of Roadmap
  • 1:03 Drive Cam
  • 2:17 Vehicle Naming
  • 2:41 Streaming
  • 3:36 Rivian Elevation Audio
  • 3:56 Vampire Drain
  • 4:48 Easter Egg
  • 5:13 Monty Python
  • 5:21 OTA Range Increases
  • 5:59 Rivian UX
  • 6:37 Car Play
  • 7:22 Text Messaging
  • 7:48 Trip Planning
  • 8:20 Testing & Development
  • 9:24 Lab Car
  • 9:57 Energy 2.0
  • 10:17 Garage Door
  • 10:33 Towing Improvements
  • 10:46 Bug App Reports
  • 11:00 Drive Cam Video
  • 11:10 Scheduled Departure
  • 11:22 Sign Off
  • 11:32 Brian Gase Encore: Favorite Feature

Once you've had a chance to check out Rivian's Q&A video, scroll down and leave us your takeaways. Will the entire list become a reality?

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