Nissan is hosting the world debut of the all-electric Arizon Concept at Auto Shanghai 2023. 

The Arizon study is a battery electric SUV created by a Chinese team leveraging Nissan's global EV expertise, and is designed to serve as "a multifunctional partner for China's drivers."

Designed for the diverse mobility needs of drivers in the world's largest car market, the Nissan Arizon is built on the CMF-EV platform, which is also used by the Nissan Ariya and Renault Megane E-Tech Electric. No powertrain specifications or dimensions are available, though. 

The model blends an imposing exterior design with a tech-laden cabin that's designed to be human-centric.

On the outside, the Nissan Arizon features a muscular design, with highlights including the blocky front and rear ends featuring subtle coast-to-coast lighting, the distinctive rear pillar design, the upright rear window, lack of door handles, as well as the big wheels and off-road-style arches.

Nissan says the concept SUV features a low center of gravity, though it's hard to see that in these photos.

Gallery: Nissan Arizon Concept

The massive suicide doors provide unhindered access to the minimalist yet cozy interior, which features a wide screen occupying more than half of the dashboard's length, a steering yoke, a raised center tunnel, lounge seats, and an expansive auto-dimming glass roof.

The Arizon concept has a new virtual personal assistant named Eporo that can interact with passengers in a human-like manner and provide accurate responses utilizing time, weather and other data.

The Nissan Arizon also features an interactive lighting system that recognizes people and automatically adapts the illumination to suit their preferences. The ambient lighting system can be adjusted through intuitive modes including leisure, relax, sleep and surprise, offering seamless, personalized interactions.

Nissan said the Arizon concept has been imagined in China for Chinese customers looking for a personalized solution but did not comment on whether or not this design study previews a production model. 

However, Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta said, "There is a need for increased electrification and advanced sustainability in the [Chinese] market, and we are working hard to meet it."

While the Nissan Arizon looks a little too futuristic to make it to production in this form, it could influence the Japanese brand's future EV models for the Chinese market.

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