Start-up electric vehicle maker Aptera may be hoping for many miracles going forward, as small three-wheelers simply don't sell like hotcakes. The solar EV company may have gotten its first notable bonus, with a recent fleet order for 101 of its EVs. However, the more promising part of the deal is that the company ordering the cars hopes to grow its fleet to 100,000 going forward.

It may be tough for some folks to get behind a company like Aptera, not because its vehicles aren't incredibly innovative, but because cars that are more like go-karts aren't top sellers in the US. Instead, consumers are buying larger and more family-friendly and versatile vehicles, and now such offerings are finally becoming available with electric powertrains.

In order for a company like Aptera to find much success, it will likely have to secure some larger fleet deals, sell its solar EVs to the government, national parks, or the military, and/or get creative in other ways. That said, according to a report by ElectrekSustainabilitySooner just ordered 101 of Aptera's solar EVs, which will have an impressive 400 miles of range and not require excessive charging.

SustainabilitySooner is working to grow a large fleet of solar EVs, and the 101 units it pre-ordered from Aptera are reportedly just the beginning. The company aims to grow its fleet of solar EVs to over 101,000 in the future.

Aptera officially announced this week that SustainabilitySooner placed the large pre-order, which is valued at $3.35 million. The order is non-binding, but it still works to prove that there's interest in the company and its products. SustainabilitySooner's CEO David Fuller shared news of his company's order and support of Aptera with the following quote, via Electrek:

" placed Aptera’s first fleet order because Aptera is building the most climate positive vehicle on the planet. The next mobility revolution must be a climate positive revolution. Our missions fit together like they were made to. In our search for our Climate Positive Mobility Partner, it was easy, in fact effortless, to see Aptera and could have a long, mutually productive, even symbiotic relationship."

The company plans to use Aptera's EVs to scout land sites for the purpose of mapping, planting, and studying native plants. SustainabilitySooner's cofounder and co-CEO Chris Anthony also spoke in support of Aptera and the recent deal. He celebrates the fact that the two companies can work together "to make the world a better place."

Aptera is still offering pre-orders of its Launch Edition vehicle. If you reserve one now, you'll get a discounted membership to and a 30% discount off your reservation fee.

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