The upcoming all-electric Porsche Boxster has been spotted once again during cold weather testing by our spy photographers in the North of Europe, and this time around it looks like the German performance brand has significantly stepped-up its development efforts.

In this latest batch of photos, we can see no fewer than four prototypes driving around the snow- and ice-covered roads in Sweden – the largest number of test mules we’ve seen together since Porsche began its outdoors test program in November 2022.

All of the cars in the gallery embedded below feature a rear-mounted charging port, just like the one we first spotted about a month ago, as well as a fake exhaust tip tacked on below the charging connector for keeping up appearances.

Gallery: 2025 Porsche Boxster EV new spy photos

Moreover, in the night shots sent by our spy photographers, the German EVs are parked at a Tesla Supercharger – in fact, by the looks of it, it might just be the same charging station where we previously saw a prototype BMW iX2 topping up its batteries – which goes to show that by opening up its network, Tesla is inadvertently helping rival companies develop their EVs (and making an honest dollar out of it).

The evening photos also show several Porsche employees discussing among themselves with the frunk open on one of the prototypes, which might indicate that the first-ever all-electric 718 Boxster will keep its front trunk, just like the internal combustion engine models before it.

As for the specs of the zero-emissions two-seater, we still don’t have any official information, but we can make some educated guesses based on what we know from previous reports. In the first phase, the Boxster EV is expected to offer a rear-wheel drive version only, powered by a single electric motor and an 800-volt battery pack that can accept up to 270 kilowatts when charging.

The electric Porsche Boxster 718 Boxster is rumored to be based on the same Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture used for the next-generation Macan all-electric crossover, but an official word on this matter hasn’t yet been released.

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