BMW is actively testing its upcoming all-electric iX2 coupe-like crossover, as previously revealed in older spy shots captured by our photographers, but this time around there’s an interesting twist to the story.

As you can see in the photo gallery embedded below, our spies captured a resting BMW iX2 prototype in the cold winter of northern Europe, charging its batteries from a Tesla Supercharger. Getting to see a camouflaged yet-to-be-revealed car is a rare occurrence, but seeing one charging at a Tesla Supercharger all while bearing a rival brand’s badge is close to impossible. Or, at least, it was until now.

It used to be that only Tesla models could use the carmaker’s vast network of fast chargers, but in Europe at least, the American EV maker has opened up its stalls so that they can be used by other brands of EVs in as many as 15 countries. Among the places where Tesla’s Supercharger Pilot program is operational are Finland and Sweden, or countries where a lot of manufacturers go with their prototypes to conduct cold weather testing.

Gallery: Prototype BMW iX2 Spied Charging At A Tesla Supercharger

As for the BMW iX2 in question, it’s expected to debut towards the end of 2023 in Europe as a 2024 model, with a lot of bits and pieces borrowed from its iX1 sibling, with which it shares the same FAAR platform. The iX2 is going to be a coupe-like crossover that should get the same powertrain as the iX1 in xDrive30 guise, meaning a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup with 230 kilowatts (308 horsepower) and 364 pound-feet (494 Newton-meters) of torque, as well as a 66.5-kilowatt-hours battery. 

In the iX1 crossover, the maximum range is rated at 272 miles (438 kilometers), so we’re expecting the iX2 to offer something similar or even better if it turns out to be more aerodynamic. 

There’s no word on the availability of the iX2 on the United States market, but maybe as the next-gen X4 goes all-electric, there will be a place for the smaller iX2 in the brand’s US lineup.

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