Electric bicycles of today are incredibly versatile and loaded with features, that some people have actually made the two-wheeled shift, leaving their cars at home, and taking their e-bikes on the daily commute instead. Indeed, as technology continues to advance, we continue to be surprised the innovations e-bike brands bring to the table. 

A good example of this would be the Convercycle Bike, which, as the name suggests, can be converted into either a city commuter or cargo hauler. The way it does this is simple, eye-catching, and incredibly effective. Essentially, the bike's rear section can be extended thanks to the company's patented expandable drivetrain technology. This means that when puttering around town, you can keep the rear retracted and ride like a commuter e-bike. Meanwhile, when time comes for you to take your kids to school, or fetch the groceries, all you need to do is expand the rear section, increasing the wheelbase, and freeing up valuable cargo space.

Convercycle E-Bike Touted As Versatile, Do-It-All Electric Bike

Clearly, this unique setup also means that you can be much more flexible with your plans, as the bike can be configured on the fly, depending on your needs. The conversion process comprises rolling out the back wheel and locking it into position without the need of any tools, and it can be completed in under a minute with only one hand and one motion.  This makes a loading space spanning 15.7 x 23.6 inches right behind the seat, which is ideal for securing your luggage or fastening a cargo box. In city mode, meanwhile, the cargo area is still accessible, and large enough to install a child seat or carrier. 

As for performance, it's worth noting that this bike is a Europe-spec electric bicycle, so it conforms to regulations in the region. As such, it gets a Bafang motor limited to 250 watts of output. Furthermore, so as not to interfere with the expanding drivetrain at the rear, the motor is mounted to the front of the bike. Technically speaking, the Convercycle Bike is an all-wheel drive e-bike—the electric motor powers the front wheel, while your legs power the rear wheel. The battery is a downtube-mounted 36-volt Phylion SF-06S unit with 11 amp-hours. Convercycle claims an estimated range of about 37 miles unloaded, or 30 miles with cargo. 

Overall, the Convercycle Bike has a maximum payload capacity of 397 pounds (180 kilograms)—including the rider. The bike is, unsurprisingly, pretty heavy, tipping the scales at 84 pounds (38 kilograms). It gets an 8-speed Shimano Nexus gear hub, with the option of upgrading to an Enviolo TR system for an added premium. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide competent stopping power to the setup. 

Convercycle E-Bike Touted As Versatile, Do-It-All Electric Bike

In terms of pricing, the Convercycle Bike retails for $4,582, or 4,299 Euros in local currency. Interestingly, it's also offered in a non-electric version for folks looking to maximize their workout as they commute. Naturally, this one's much cheaper at $3,090 USD (2,899 Euros). Do note that pricing is exclusive of shipping fees and taxes. 

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