PepsiCo has already submitted permits to install Tesla's largest Megacharger to date for the all-new Tesla Semi. The Megacharger is essentially a massive and super-powerful Tesla Supercharger that's specifically designed to quickly and efficiently charge the Tesla Semi.

As you may know, PepsiCo took delivery of the first Tesla Semis for its own use and that of its subsidiary, Frito-Lay. The Semis have already been spotted on site in Modesto, California, and on the road throughout the country. However, in order to make full use of the fully electric haulers, charging infrastructure is critical.

According to the information posted by the Twitter account Megacharged (@MarcoRPTesla) and shared by Teslarati, PepsiCo filed official permits to expand Tesla Megacharging for its electric Semi at the beverage company's bottling and distribution center in Fresno, California.


As you can see, the tweet claims PepsiCo is "doubling down," and calls the upcoming installation the "largest Megacharger yet!!!." This is because the permits apply to an on-site Tesla Megacharger station with eight stalls.

Thus far, much of the news we've read about the Tesla Semi has actually revolved around Frito-Lay's units, and the company's Modesto, California location. To some readers, it has actually been a bit confusing, since the initial news surrounding the Tesla Semi was heavy with PepsiCo references, but then it seemed all the Semi-trucks may have gone to Frito-Lay and were only being used by the snack company.

As it turns out, PepsiCo bought the first batch of Tesla Semis, but it also owns Frito-Lay. The snack company has been using the electric Semi for day trips, some folks have visited the factory, and there just appears to be more information out there related to the happenings in Modesto over Fresno.

Now we know that PepsiCo is working on expanding its charging infrastructure, so we will likely see more Tesla Semis heading into and out of the Fresno facility sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to learn about the routes and distances since it can only be assumed PepsiCo's beverage loads may be much heavier than Frito-Lay's snacks.

PepsiCo ordered 100 Tesla Semis back in 2017. It's supposed to take delivery of 15 this year, though there's little verifiable news about how many it has already accepted. Several other companies placed orders for the electric hauler not long after PepsiCo, so we're waiting to learn when those companies begin to take delivery.

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