When it comes to bicycles, whether electric or otherwise, few brands are as trusted as Giant. With several decades of experience in the cycling world, Giant has long been a driver of innovation. With the sudden boom in popularity of electric bicycles, the company has branched out into developing all sorts of electric bikes, both for sport and utility. 

One of the most popular models in its utility-focused e-bike range is the Explore E+, an adventurous and versatile model that can be outfitted with all sorts of accessories. For the 2023 model-year, Giant has given the bike quite a substantial update. First and foremost, a new suspension fork from SR Suntour adorns the front end. The suspension fork adds a bit of off-road capability to the bike, and provides 100 millimeters of suspension travel, as against the previous model's 63 millimeters. Additionally, the bike rolls on wider tires, further adding to the Explorer E+'s go-anywhere acumen. 

Giant Updates The Explorer E+ Commuter E-Bike With More Range
Giant Updates The Explorer E+ Commuter E-Bike With More Range

Another major update to the Explorer E+ is the addition of larger battery options. For 2023, the Explorer E+ can be purchased with a 625 watt-hour or 800 watt-hour battery pack, depending on the trim level of your choice. The batteries are supplied by Panasonic, and are made up of new 22700 cells. The bike is likewise powered by a SyncDrive Pro 2, developed and manufactured by Yamaha. This gives the bike an impressive towing capacity of up to 156 kilograms thanks to a max output of 85 Nm. 

Just like the previous model, the Giant Explorer E+ retains its versatility in that it's compatible with a whole host of aftermarket accessories. These include multiple luggage racks, child seats, and even a trailer support, allowing you to tow anything from child seats, luggage trailers, and full-on bike campers. Last but not least, an optional range extender with a 1,050 watt-hour capacity can be added.

As for pricing and availability, the Giant Explorer E+ starts at 2,500 Euros (approximately $2,685 USD) for the base model, and goes all the way up to 3,500 Euros—around $3,760 USD—for the range topping model with the biggest capacity battery. 

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