The Nissan Max-Out Convertible concept has been revealed in physical form by the Japanese manufacturer, showcasing the carmaker’s ambition to support greater access to both sustainable and innovative mobility.

The Max-Out was previously shown in 2021 as a digital-only creation, alongside three other concepts – the Chill-Out, which was a sort of crossover that seemed smaller than the Ariya, the Surf-Out single cab pickup, and the Hang-Out all-wheel drive boxy hatchback.

Now, as part of the brand’s series of events called Nissan Futures, the Max-Out has been brought to life as a retro-futuristic two-seater convertible all-electric car that sports psychedelic interactive wheel caps, a floating dashboard, light-up steering wheel, and an all-around look that reminds us of the Tron movies.

Gallery: Nissan Max-Out Convertible Concept

In its latest press release, Nissan doesn’t mention anything about the concept’s specs, saying instead that it was “created on the fundamental concept of being one with the car.” 

“The Nissan Max-Out two-seater convertible is designed to provide a liberating sense of openness while offering an enhanced, dynamic driving experience. The Max-Out displays Nissan’s innovation to develop a diverse range of advanced and striking vehicles, with a clear vision of how they can benefit both individuals and society,” says the company about its latest creation.

Back in 2021, when the four concept vehicles were originally shown, Nissan mentioned that the Max-Out features all-wheel drive, a low center of gravity, and promises to deliver “dynamic cornering and steering response.” Now though, the Japanese brand changed its focus point to the month-long Nissan Futures event that gathers experts in electrification, vehicle intelligence, power management, and vehicle battery reuse that discuss the best ways of shaping the future of EVs. 

The series of events will also feature interactive customer shows and various displays, so if you happen to be at Nissan’s Global Headquarters Gallery in Yokohama, Japan between February 4 and March 1, you’ll be able to attend all of these. If, however, you don’t have plans of visiting Japan anytime soon, Nissan will live stream the events, so anyone in the world can join them from home.

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