Unveiled in July 2020 and slated to launch in mid-2021, the Nissan Ariya is still not widely available in the United States – and scarcity looks set to continue into 2023 as well.

US deliveries of the 2023 Ariya began late last year after COVID-related chip shortages delayed it repeatedly. Nissan only sold 201 Ariya EVs last year in the United States, and the electric crossover may still remain scarce in 2023, at least in the first part of the year.

Nissan warned its dealers on Sunday that US supplies of the Ariya crossover will be limited this year amid high battery material costs and availability. During a make meeting at NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association), the Japanese automaker had to answer many questions from dealers regarding the Ariya's availability and affordability.

According to Automotive News, many of the approximately 200 retailers in attendance wanted to know why they aren't receiving more units. While Nissan declined to disclose US allocations of the 2023 Ariya, a person briefed on the matter said about 6,000 vehicles were allocated for fiscal year 2022, which ends March 31, 2023. About 4,500 of those are built.

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Nissan plans to ramp up Ariya production later this year, with US allocations expected to rise to about 30,000 units for fiscal year 2023. There's no guarantee that will happen, though.

One dealer at the meeting was "shocked and deflated" at the lack of supply of Nissan's halo EV. "Why can't we produce the Ariya in any acceptable volume? Customers are walking in saying, 'I'm sold, let me buy one.' But we can't tell them when it's coming," the dealer told Automotive News, requesting not to be identified.

Judy Wheeler, Nissan US VP of sales and regional operations, assured dealers that securing Ariya supply for the US is a "top priority." However, she admitted that Nissan Ariya output will be a challenge in 2023 given the cost and availability of battery components. Wheeler told Automotive News the price of some of those commodities has "tripled and quadrupled."

Asked if the Ariya would qualify for up to $7,500 in commercial clean vehicle tax credits when leased, Wheeler said Nissan's main focus at the moment is to meet early demand from the Ariya, which she described as "excellent." 

"We are just in the launch phase of this vehicle. As inventory increases, we will reevaluate our position [based on] where we're at in the marketplace and the dynamic," Wheeler said.

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