VinFast has announced plans to combine its US and Canadian operations in an effort to increase efficiency. The newly formed VinFast North America will be based at VinFast's existing US headquarters in Los Angeles. 

Although VinFast was only founded in 2017, the automaker is already very successful in Asia. That's partially due to VinFast's wealth of resources. VinFast is part of the wider Vingroup, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with subsidiaries in commercial property, technology, healthcare, and even education.

VinFast currently offers two EVs in the US, the VF8 and VF9. Both are AWD SUVs with prices starting at $59,000 and $83,000 respectively. The VF8 is powered by an 87 kWh battery pack that produces between 348 and 402 hp depending on whether you opt for Eco or Plus spec.

The VF8 has seating for 5 and up to 292 miles of range according to VinFast. Meanwhile, the larger 7-seat VF9 is powered by a 123 kWh battery. The VF9 has up to 272 miles of range and makes 402 hp.

Perhaps the most unique thing about VinFast is its battery subscription model. Instead of owning your car's battery, you pay a fixed monthly subscription. Therefore, if your battery fails when you're out of warranty it will still be replaced. The fixed monthly subscription offers unlimited mileage and costs $110 for the VF8 and $160 for the VF9.

Buyers who cover less than 310 miles a month can opt for a flexible monthly subscription which costs between $35 and $44. Additional miles are then charged at $0.11/$0.15.

In the coming months, VinFast will launch two more models in the US - the VF6 and VF7. Both will be affordable crossovers competing against the likes of the Tesla Model Y and VW ID.4.

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