Many early reviews of the Ford F-150 Lightning were performed in mild weather conditions. Now, with winter upon us, and cold and snowy weather making its way into plenty of areas across the US and Canada, it's time for a proper winter ownership review.

YouTube channel out of Canada has answered our wishes. They put together a video all about how the F-150 Lightning handles winter weather, though it seems that may not have been the original plan. When you live in an area that's far north and near many large lakes, conditions can quickly escalate from ideal to dangerous.

When the F-150 Lightning and other electric pickup trucks were poised to come to market, there were many questions about whether they'd live up to the tasks expected of today's gas- and diesel-powered trucks. Of course, driving range was on the top of many potential owners' lists of questions, along with off-road readiness, towing and payload performance,  range while towing and hauling, and so much more.

At this point, numerous articles and videos have provided virtually all the answers about the F-150 Lightning. However, we could put together the same list of questions and add "in cold weather," or "in snowy conditions," and there would be a whole host of new questions to answer. drove a 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning with the extended-range battery pack on an all-highway trip from Mississauga, Ontario, to Sudbury, Ontario. That's basically from Toronto, on Lake Ontario, just about due north along the Georgian Bay, parallel to Michigan's frigid Upper Peninsula. Needless to say, conditions on the over 400-kilometer (~250-mile) trip weren't ideal.

Keep in mind, even with the larger battery, the F-150 Lightning is only estimated to travel 320 miles on a charge, and that's in typical weather conditions, not cold temps and deep snow. Do you think the trip was achieved without a charging stop? What can we learn from such a voyage? 

Check out the brief video and then scroll down and start a conversation in our comment section below. Would you buy an F-150 Lightning if you lived in an area with regularly cold temps and snowy weather? Let us know your thoughts.

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