Electric bicycle manufacturer HOVSCO has been making headlines recently thanks to its crop of impressive yet affordable electric two wheelers. The brand caters to nearly all facets of cycling, however, given the vastly changing weather conditions in most countries, the brand tends to favor versatility in all sorts of weather. Indeed, the HOVSCO HovAlpha is an embodiment of this, as it’s a punchy e-bike designed to ride on pretty much all types of terrain.

This rugged electric bike is equipped with fat tires from Kenda, more specifically, 26-inch rubber with a wide, four-inch cross-section. This means that riding through mud, sand, and even snow is made a lot easier. Furthermore, for those of you who want to really go beyond the beaten path, HOVSCO throws in an 80-millimeter suspension fork for good measure. This setup results in a soft and comfortable ride on the road, and a manageable, albeit exciting experience when riding off-road.

Canadian E-Bike Specialist HOVSCO Showcases The HovAlpha Fat-Tire Bike

Moving on to the performance side of the equation, the HovAlpha is packing a punchy motor that’s more than capable of flattening even the steepest of hills. Teaming up with no less than Bafang—through its sub-brand Sutto—you’re assured of reliable and dependable power. More precisely, we’re looking at a nominal power output of 750 watts, and a peak output of 1,032 watts. The motor also has 85 Nm of torque on tap. All of this translates to a real world top speed of 28 miles per hour.

As for battery tech, the HovAlpha is packing a rather high-capacity 960 watt-hour battery pack integrated into the downtube. HOVSCO claims a range of up to 80 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough to take you to work and the odd adventure, and still have enough juice left to ride back home. Complementing the powerful motor and battery are a torque and cadence sensor. Through this setup, the HovAlpha delivers just the right amount of assist, while at the same time optimizing battery consumption for even longer range.

Other components include a 7-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes with 180-millimeter rotors, and even a kickstand. The bike can even be fitted with a luggage rack, which HOVSCO throws in free of charge. The result is a rather heavy 33-kilogram electric bicycle, but with an impressive payload capacity of 204 kilograms. Now, for an e-bike as rugged and capable as this, it’s pretty impressive that HOVSCO can offer it at a rather affordable price of just $2,000.

Canadian E-Bike Specialist HOVSCO Showcases The HovAlpha Fat-Tire Bike
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