Carwow’s Mat Watson was given the chance to drive the world’s quickest-accelerating road-legal vehicle, the McMurtry Speirling and he managed to get it way under 2 seconds to sixty. In case you don’t know the Speirling, it’s planned as a limited series single-seater 1,000-horsepower EV, which generates its own downforce using fans that essentially keep it stuck to the tarmac no matter what speed it’s going at.

This fan-generated downforce not only allows the vehicle to essentially be glued to the road through the corners, even at lower speeds when conventional aero wouldn’t really matter, but it also helps the vehicle launch. It’s quite remarkable that a rear-wheel drive vehicle is able to sprint as quickly as the Speirling, but there’s no denying the fans’ effectiveness.

Mat Watson had several attempts at launching the vehicle and for the first two runs, it was about on par with the Rimac Nevera. However, they then suggested that a quick burnout would help warm up the tires and result in a much quicker run.

And it certainly did, dropping the nought to sixty time to a just ridiculous 1.4 seconds, quicker than most racing cars. The quarter-mile time for the final run was 7.97 seconds, which apparently was even quicker than even McMurtry’s own development driver was able to achieve. It was so quick that it left Mat a bit disoriented, but he still seemed quite proud of what he had achieved and that he made all future vehicles he was going to drive feel slow.

The McMurtry Speirling is planned for limited production and you will be able to drive it on the road - it’s envisioned as a trackday monster that does not require a trailer in order to be brought to the track. For those who can afford the price tag, which is equivalent to at least $1.22-million, it will be the ultimate weekend toy, one that will be quicker than anything else on the track, even without all its systems cranked up to their most extreme settings.

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