Lyric Cycles is a Canadian e-bike manufacturer that has a thing for stylish, high-performance two-wheelers. Its powerful electric bikes blur the lines between e-bike and electric motorbike, both in terms of performance and price. Up until the launch of its newest model, the brand had two bikes to choose from—the Voodoo and the 305 Ghost. Both of which feature unique styling, and a massive 18,000 watts of juice.

Both the Voodoo and the host are expensive two-wheelers, retailing for more than your typical mid-tier motorbike at $7,000 and $7,500 respectively. As such, Lyric’s newest model seeks to make the brand more accessible to a wider range of riders by lowering the price down a little bit, but still delivering some of that premium styling and performance. It’s called the Graffiti, and it’s the friendliest and most amicable of Lyric Cycles’ model range.

The Graffiti is much more sensible, but nevertheless, packs quite a punch. Indeed, the immense power of the Voodoo and the Ghost are gone as a result, but the Graffiti is limited to a top speed of 38 miles per hour, which is still pretty fast for e-bike standards. The bike does, however, have various ride modes, and Lyric suggests that you keep the Graffiti in its Class 2 setting on public roads, with its speed limit set to 20 miles per hour.

Lyric Cycles Presents The Stylish Graffiti Urban Electric Bike

Now, this level of performance is nowhere near the 18,000 watts of juice the two other bikes provide, but it’s made possible by some nifty tech. For starters, the Graffiti is powered by a 2,500-watt hub-mounted motor. This allows the manufacturer to crank up the power without having to worry about parts such as chains, sprockets and derailleurs having to withstand the abuse. Meanwhile, the Graffiti is claimed to be able to offer a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, thanks to a 17.5 amp-hour battery pack. To make things even better, the bike has configurable regenerative braking to trickle in some extra mileage whilst riding downhill.

Last but not least, the Graffiti promises to be a virtually maintenance-free ride as it features a belt drive system from up and coming brand Veer. The bike also has a front suspension fork with 120 millimeters of travel and wide three-inch all-terrain tires to soften uneven roads or gravel trails you choose to traverse. Price-wise, we’re looking at a price tag of $3,099 USD, with two colors consisting of Liquid Cement and Gunmetal available for you to choose.

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