Volvo's XC40 subcompact SUV is available in a fully electric "Recharge" configuration as is its coupe-like crossover sibling, the newer C40 Recharge. Neither has blown us away with its range, but it seems that's about to change.

Volvo has been making plug-in versions of many vehicles in its lineup for some time now, though it has big plans to transition to an electric-only automaker in the future. As the automaker moves forward with its transition, we will begin to see more purpose-built EVs, but for now, most of Volvo's electrified models are merely a version of a gas-powered model.

The XC40 has been around since the 2019 model year, though the XC40 Recharge electric model first came to market as a 2021 model. The C40 Recharge is a new fully electric crossover for the 2022 model year, and while it's somewhat similar to the XC40, it's designed as a sportier coupe, sharing the concept with other luxury automakers that sometimes produce an SUV and "coupe" version of their smaller crossovers.

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At any rate, Volvo hasn't wowed the world with the range of either of these electric SUVs. In a segment where 250 to 300 or more miles is becoming the new norm, the EPA says the XC40 Recharge has an estimated range of 223 miles and the C40's range is 226 miles.

According to a recent report published by Autocar, both the XC40 and C40 Recharge will get a new 82kWh (78kWh usable) in their most powerful range-topping dual-motor "Recharge Twin" configurations. This appears to be up about 4 kWh from the current battery pack. The new pack not only adds range, but also power, and you'd better bet it's going to cost more, too.

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Autocar also notes that the upcoming single-motor rear-wheel-drive variant of these electric crossovers has improved efficiency. The change adds around 20 miles of additional range to the RWD options. Meanwhile, AWD Recharge Twin models get about a 40-mile range boost.

The new XC40 and C40 Recharge Twin variants will also arrive with faster charger capability, at up to 200 kW. Horsepower in the single-motor version grows from 228 to 235, and while the Recharge Twin models get two new electric motors, the total horsepower output remains the same as it is in the current models, at 402. 

The publication says the models are already available to order, though it will be May 2023 before the updated Recharge Twin options arrive. The new single-motor variants aren't expected until next fall.

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