Rivian has officially started international deliveries of its two all-electric models - the R1T pickup and R1S SUV - in Canada after receiving approval to sell there back in September.

The first several vehicles were delivered to the company's employees in Vancouver, but according to Rivian (via Drive Tesla Canada), deliveries to general customers are just around the corner and should start before the end of this year.

To celebrate this important milestone, Rivian held a launch party at Rocky Mountaineer Station in Vancouver, hosting reservation holders and media representatives.

"Hello, Canada! We celebrated our first international deliveries this week with a customer open house. Our team loved meeting more than 1,500 area families, friends, kids and dogs and giving them a closer look at R1S and R1T. Thanks for the warm welcome, B.C."

As we can seeinn the images, there were multiple Rivian R1T and Rivian R1S presented. According to Drive Tesla Canada, one of the vehicles had the new Ocean Coast interior.


Last quarter, Rivian delivered in the US 6,584 electric vehicles (all types - R1T, R1S and EDV vans for Amazon).

The company is quickly ramping-up production and hopes to deliver a total of 25,000 units this year, which would require to achieve 13,000 in Q4 (over 12,000 were delivered during the first three quarters).

Meanwhile, the number of pre-orders for the R1T/R1S in the US and Canada increased to more than 114,000 (up from 98,000 as of the end of June), which means that despite a price increase and ongoing production, there are still more customers joining the queue than leaving it.

As some point in the future, Rivian is expected to start sales also in Europe, but as of now the focus is on the North American market.

The company first will probably try to stabilize its financial situation (lower quarterly losses) and streamline all the processes. Even the large battery version of the R1T, promised to go 400 miles on a single charge), has been postponed to 2024.

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