While financial markets across the globe continue to struggle, inflation is at high levels in many areas, and a potential recession is upon us, Tesla still hopes to beat the odds with deliveries for Q4 2022 and the year as a whole. It's been a tough year for nearly all automakers, Tesla included, though the US electric automaker has already proven yet again that it can succeed despite adversity.

As we explain with each passing quarter, Tesla tends to focus on exports early in each quarter. Moreover, it delivers vehicles to destinations that are furthest from its various factories. As the quarter moves on, the shift to local deliveries begins. This helps Tesla speed up the delivery process near the end of the quarter while ensuring that it's situated to do the best it can with satisfying global demand while the quarter is young.

We've now reached the official halfway point for Q4 2022, and Tesla and CEO Elon Musk continue to insist there's no demand problem. Nonetheless, it has lowered prices and offered incentives in China, and delivery times are now significantly reduced.

This is due in part to the fact that the automaker made upgrades to Giga Shanghai, which increased production capacity in a big way. While there's a chance there may not be as much demand for Tesla's EVs in China at the moment, there's certainly demand in other global markets, where reservation-holders are still waiting months to take delivery of a Tesla model.

That said, despite the quarter entering its final six weeks, it appears Tesla continues to crank out exports from China. As you can see from the video above, there doesn't seem to be any pause in the activity at the Shanghai Nangang Terminal. Keep in mind that this all comes after Tesla China already set a new record for exports in October 2022.

Teslarati notes that just about as quickly as the G Poseidon shipping vessel loaded and departed from the port near Giga Shanghai, the Glovis Sun showed up for loading. It's also clear from the up-to-date footage that the pier is packed with Teslas.

Drone photographer Wu Wa, who has been providing regular updates like the video above, will continue to capture footage as Tesla makes its transition from exports to local deliveries. Perhaps the shift will happen later than usual this quarter since Tesla appears to have so many orders to fill in Europe.

Based on Wu Wa's videos and data from other "watchers," the Glovis Sun that just arrived at the port is at least the 16th ship to leave China loaded with Tesla's exports. Teslarati also found the following related tweets, which are definitely worth sharing:

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