Spanish bicycle manufacturer Ossby has been in the game since 2011. For the decade or so its been in operation, the company has been focusing on practical, city-focused bikes. In fact, you might already be familiar with the company’s Curve models, with their distinct sloping frames and tiny wheels. This time around, the company has leveraged the growing e-bike market to boost the practicality of its bikes with a new commuter-focused model. 

It's called the GEO, a minimalist, folding electric bike with a twist: it's made out of plants. More specifically, the GEO's frame is constructed out of a rigid blend of recycled fibers and vegetal resins—kinda like carbon fiber except instead of carbon they used plant stuff. Now, I'm no engineer or materials scientist, so I don't know what to make of Ossby's claim that this material is somehow stronger than aluminum, while being lighter, too. Of course, because it's made of plants, the GEO is claimed to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Bike Maker Ossby Introduces The GEO, A Folding E-Bike With A Twist

So, how light are we talking when it comes to the GEO? Well, Ossby says that it tips the scales at no more than 11 kilograms, but has a payload capacity of up to 110 kilograms, or ten-times its mass. In addition to its lightweight construction, the e-bike can be folded as well, thanks to a patented technology developed by Ossby that enables one-step folding of the wheeler.

To complement its plant-based composite frame, The Ossby GEO has a carbon fiber fork, hydraulic brakes, a 14-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheel, and integrated LED lighting. The composite frame houses a 7Ah battery that provides power and has a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge. The battery needs up to two hours for fast charging, and up to four hours for standard charging to finish.

Performance-wise, We're looking at a 250W brushless motor that offers assist up to 15 miles per hour and has five different pedaling assist settings. The GEO is quite basic overall, but it is loaded with contemporary technology. It has a special application that runs with iOS and Android phones and connects to the bike through Bluetooth, allowing you access to a number of functions and ride data.

Gallery: Bike Maker Ossby Introduces The GEO, A Folding E-Bike With A Twist

As for pricing and availability, Ossby has started a Kickstarter crowdfunding program for the GEO, with a price tag of just $1,207. Once ordered, the GEO is expected to begin shipping to customers by June, 2023. 

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