A recent drone flyover of one of Tesla's newest factories reveals a large number of seemingly completed Model Y crossovers departing from the factory. Perhaps even more interesting is the footage showing Tesla's stockpile of Model Y rear megacasts on the factory grounds.

Tesla is now producing cars out of four global factories, in addition to having a battery factory, a smaller battery pilot line, and a factory that focuses exclusively on its energy products. The brand's newest factories are located in Austin, Texas, and Berlin, Germany, and they seem to be getting the most attention these days from fans, owners, investors,and the media.

That said, drone photographer Tobias Lindh recently flew his equipment over the Gigafactory near Berlin to give us an idea of how the production ramp is playing out. While Tesla is still in the painstaking process of bringing Model Y production up to speed in Germany, it appears the process is moving forward successfully. 

Tesla has made it clear that it's working on optimizing its Model Y production efforts in Germany. It recently reported that it can and will produce even more vehicles at its original Fremont factory than previously expected. Tesla also upgraded its equipment and assembly lines at its primary export hub in China – Giga Shanghai – to ensure a notable production ramp there as well. 

Other recent news points to Tesla moving its battery focus to Texas, which leaves the emphasis at Giga Berlin on Model Y production alone. For this reason, it makes sense that Tesla is ramping up the number of rear megacasts it has available so that it can also continue to ramp up production and get these EVs out to customers in a timely fashion. 

We have no way of knowing for sure, but it seems Tesla is able to produce the Model Y rear megacasts with its Giga Press machines more quickly than it can manufacture the entire Model Y vehicles. However, it continues to produce the rear parts in large quantities, likely so that as the overall production speed is optimized, it will have them ready to go, which, when everything is said and done, could mean quicker Model Y production as a whole.

Teslarati also points out that the Giga Press machines may need some downtime or maintenance going forward. If and when that happens, Tesla's stockpile of megacasts could come in handy. If that's not enough, the video also reveals that a fifth Model Y Giga Press is being installed on site.

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