iGo is a Canadian company that first opened its doors in 2006. Since then, the brand has focused on e-bikes and has become one of Canada's biggest e-bike companies. Now, nearly two decades since it first entered the scene, the company continues to innovate, and has just released the Aspire series of electric bicycles. Designed to blur the line between leisure and utility, the Aspire model range comes in two flavors. Let's take a closer look.

To begin, the Aspire series of electric bicycles has a simple and sleek design and is comprised of the Camillien and the Vendome—two machines that are very similar but have distinct characteristics. Let's start things off with the Camillien. This $2,500 bike takes the form of a traditional road bike complete with road-focused geometry, thin tires, and a drop bar. Of the two, the Camillien is undoubtedly the sportier option, and is ideal for cyclists looking to get a little bit more out of their rides via an electric motor. 

Take A Look At Canadian E-Bike Brand iGo's Aspire Model Range
Take A Look At Canadian E-Bike Brand iGo's Aspire Model Range

On the other hand, the Vendome also offers road-focused geometry, but on the more practical side thanks to its flat handlebar. What's more, the Vendome comes with a rear rack, integrated lights, and a kickstand—features designed to make it a well-mannered two-wheeler around the city. It's also a tad more affordable, too, with iGo asking for just $2,200 for this electric bike. Ergonomics and amenities aside, however, the two bikes are very similar. For instance, both bikes feature frames made out of 6061 aluminum, as well as full internal cable routing for an ultra sleek look.

More specifically, the Camillien weighs in at 18.2 kilograms, while the Vendome tips the scales at 17.8 kilograms. Interestingly, the more utility-focused machine is lighter than the sportier road bike in this case. As for performance, both bikes come with a semi-integrated 36 V, 375 Wh battery that can be easily removed for charging. The electric motor comes from Chinese manufacturer Bafang, and it's a 250W geared rear hub drive. It churns out a decemt 45 Nm of torque, and offers a top speed of 28 miles per hour. Overall, the Aspire model range is pretty impressive, with iGo claiming up to 56 miles of range on a single charge. 

To provide a seamless riding experience, the Shimano nine-speed drivetrain, hydroformed alloy fork, and hydraulic disc brakes are standard on Aspire e-bikes. Furthermore, the Camillien is outfitted with WTB Resolute gravel tires, whereas the Vendome is outfitted with Maxxis Overdrive Excel tires. The iGo TFT color backlit screen, which displays your battery level, voltage, speedometer, and trip timer, is another noteworthy feature. It can also be used to scroll through the various power-assist levels. The iGo Connect app has Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to create your own riding profile for a more personalized riding experience.

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