In the world of e-bikes, we’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful designs on two-wheels—sometimes even more. Unlike standard bicycles, e-bike manufacturers are much more keen on deviating from standard frame designs, as an electric motor gives any rolling two-wheeler a huge advantage. A lot of times, modern e-bikes focus on utility, comfort, and safety, making the joy of cycling accessible to a much wider audience.

Take for example the Van Raam Balance. At a glance, the Balance actually looks like a standard cruiser bike that landed one too many jumps. However, any notions of this being a standard bicycle with a tacoed frame are immediately thrown out the window upon closer inspection. You see, the Balance’s design is as deliberate as it gets. Van Raam’s Balance is meant to be as safe as possible, so much so that the company claims that it’s the safest two-wheeled e-bike on the planet.

Uniquely Styled Van Raam Balance E-Bike Claims To Be Safest In The World

Quite a hefty claim, sure, but it looks like the Balance has the goods to back it up. It basically takes the already easy-to-ride design of a step-through bike, and makes it even easier to hop onto. The frame plunges really deep, and the pedals are positioned far forward. You’ll also notice that the seat tube is set at an incredibly slack angle. What this does is it keeps your center of gravity low, while still allowing you to use your legs’ full range of motion to pedal forward. It also means you can plant both feet firmly on the ground at a moment's notice.

Naturally, those fond of sportier machines, such as myself, won’t exactly be attracted to the Balance. However, it’s clear that this machine has its place. It’s perfect for older folks looking to keep up the two-wheeled lifestyle, as well as people recovering from injuries, or those who struggle to balance a standard bicycle. It’s also a super laid-back e-bike that could come as a breath of fresh air for a sporty cyclist looking to unwind on a relaxing ride.

The Vaan Raam Balance’s unique design, however, means that it’s not cheap. The most affordable version retails for the equivalent of $1,606 USD, and it isn’t even electric. Add an electric motor and battery, and you’re looking at no less than $3,900 USD for this super safe e-bike. The electric model is packing some decent tech, so you’re surely getting your money’s worth. For instance, it’s packing a 490 Wh battery pack and a front-mounted hub motor capable of propelling the bike to a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. It also claims an impressive range of 51 miles on a single charge.

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