Vello is an Austrian e-bike maker that has a penchant for strange, albeit extremely well thought out designs. We previously talked about the brand and its Bike+ titanium e-bike, a model which claimed to be the lightest folding e-bike ever made. While the Bike+ caters to practical, well-off city dwellers, Vello's newest creation takes utility to the next level with impressive range and an outstanding payload capacity.

Just like the Bike+, the new Vello SUB, or Smart Utility Bike is made out of titanium and is exceptionally light, all things considered. It tips the scales at 24 kilograms, however, a heavier steel-frame-equipped model is available for those who find the titanium model's 3,749-Euro ($3,750 USD) price tag a tad too steep. Nevertheless, the steel model still commands quite a premium at 2,999 Euros (approximately $3,000 USD). So, what exactly are you getting for that rather hefty chunk of change?

Vello's New SUB Takes Electric Cargo Bikes To The Next Level

Well, for starters, the SUB has a very unique frame design that has a particularly long rear end. This puts the rider closer to the front wheel than the back wheel. Good for straight-line stability, sure, but the frame looks the way it does because it's meant to carry all sorts of cargo at the back. It has a total payload capacity of 210 kilograms, and can be outfitted with all sorts of luggage racks to carry everything from kids, to work equipment, to packages, and everything in between. What's more is that Vello has designed the bike to be as easy to configure as possible, allowing you to mount accessories without the need for tools.

When folded, the Vello SUB is surprisingly compact, meaning it can easily be transported in the back of a car, in the bus or train, and even be stowed away under your work desk. It rolls on 20-inch wheels and features a robust Gates Carbon belt drive. Of course, the bike is made for carrying heavy stuff. This means it must have brakes strong enough to put it to a halt. These brakes are none other than Magura MT-4 hydraulic units—and with this component alone, we can see why this bike commands such a premium. 

From a performance standpoint, you get the best of the best, as the SUB is rocking Bosch's Cargo Performance Line motor that churns out 600 watts of power and 85 Nm of torque. It gets two 500 watt-hour batteries which offer a combined range of 250 kilometers, or 156 miles, on a single charge—pretty amazing, if you ask me. Now, you can't quite get your hands on this bike just yet, as deliveries are scheduled for fall 2023—around a year from now. You can, however, reserve the Vello SUB on Indiegogo. A link is available below.

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