Back in the 1950s, Mercedes-Benz needed a custom transporter for its Formula 1 racing cars and it was created based around a modified and lengthened 300 SL chassis. It became known as the Blue Wonder and today it’s arguably the most famous vehicle of this type ever created, so it’s no surprise it serves as inspiration for designers.

Alborz Design, for instance, proposes a radical and futuristic Tesla Semi-based transporter that would be used to haul around a highly modified version of the still unreleased Roadster. The designer notes that he downloaded 3D models of both the Semi and the Roadster, and then proceeded to modify them to achieve what you see in the video.

Of the two, it’s probably the Semi that looks least like the starting vehicle. It would be possible to create such a vehicle in real life, but it would require a complete removal of the standard Semi cab and the fabrication of a swoopy custom body, as well as custom suspension - you couldn’t get camber like that no matter what you did with the truck’s standard suspension.

Overall, its a very cool idea, and it does retain the spirit of the original to a degree. Speaking of the original, it was exceptionally quick for a 1950s, thanks to its aerodynamic body and powerful 240 horsepower engine that could push it to a top speed of 105 mph (169 km/h). We don’t know what sort of powertrain Alborz Design envisioned for his custom Semi car carrier, but judging by the low stance and the aggressive front splitter, he probably wants it to be quick.

Tesla has so far not supported a factory racing effort, although there are many modified Teslas that are very at home on a track or at hillclimb events, and Elon Musk has never expressed interest in this idea. The manufacturer did take the Model S Plaid to set a lap time around the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 2021, but it didn’t drop the vehicle off on a highly customized racing-inspired Semi.

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