Renault may be bringing not one, but two historic nameplates back to designate retro-inspired city EVs, whose design will draw from the 5 hatchback and 4L mini-wagon. If it goes into production, the latter will not remain a tiny wagon, though, and as per this teaser, it actually looks like a vehicle that is much larger and taller than the petit namesake classic.

Before its full reveal on October 17, the first day of the 2022 Paris Motor Show, we can get a sneak peek at the upcoming Renault 4 Concept via these two teaser shots. They show the vehicle’s partly obscured silhouette, but we can clearly make out its chunky off-roader wheel arches, tall ride height and the roof rack with integrated roof box - the production model it previews will definitely be a crossover.

From the side, the 4L connection is not that clear, but Renault emphasizes it through the shape of trapezoidal quarter glass, whose outline is illuminated to pay homage to the original. Up front, the vehicle’s fascia is more obviously a modern reinterpretation of the classic design, though, and overall, it looks like a rounded off mini Ford Bronco complete with tie-down points on the hood. 

We’re not sure how much of this adventurer spirit will make it into the production version, but it’s definitely not going to look this much like an off-roader, with tires that stick out or that level of suspension travel. Renault has not announced when it plans to put something like this into production, but it is believed it could reach the market by 2025.

Underpinning the production Renault 4 EV will most likely be Renault’s CMF B-EV platform, the same one used for the new Renault 5 and the Nissan Micra’s all-electric successor. The manufacturer touts it as “the most competitive compact electric platform in the world” boasting 400 km (248 miles) of range, as well as significant reductions in cost and energy consumption compared to the Zoe.

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