According to a new report published by TrueCar, people in the States are much more interested in EVs than they were just months ago. In fact, TrueCar's current data shows a notable spike in the number of people who are likely to buy an EV as compared to March 2022.

Much like rival publications, TrueCar delivers a number of surveys to its readers. Based on one of TrueCar's most recent consumer surveys, 7 percent more Americans are considering buying an EV now than they were less than six months ago. The spike appears to be primarily impacted by high gas prices, so it will be interesting to see if it fades as prices at the pump are coming back down.

Based on an article by Teslarati, TrueCar refers to the group of potential electric car buyers as "EV Considerers." These folks range from those who are somewhat likely to buy an EV to those who are extremely likely to make the switch. The group was comprised of 52 percent of respondents in March 2022 and has risen to 59 percent currently.

While consumer surveys like this can't paint a perfect picture that's representative of the US population as a whole, it's still pretty crazy to learn that nearly two-thirds of all people surveyed by TrueCar are now considering an EV.

TrueCar also tracks people at the opposite end of the spectrum. People who are somewhat unlikely or extremely unlikely to ever buy an electric car are labeled as "EV Rejectors." While 24 percent of those surveyed in March were considered rejectors, the number is now only 19 percent. Again, it wouldn't be realistic to apply these numbers to the whole population, but fewer than one out of five respondents opposed EV ownership (and some of those were only "somewhat" opposed), which is exciting and promising for the segment.

Teslarati adds that even though people in the US as a whole seem to be leaning much more toward EV adoption, that may not be the case in certain areas. TrueCar surveyed people in and around Detroit before the North American International Auto Show. Only 49 percent said they'd consider buying an EV, and gas prices didn't register as nearly as much of a concern as they did in the larger survey.

TrueCar does note that people in Detroit don't necessarily have the exposure to EVs that's true of other areas. According to the survey, 66 percent of people near Detroit have never owned or so much as driven an EV. The national average based on the data is 57 percent.

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