BMW has already put an M badge on an electric vehicle, first on the i4, then on the iX, but neither is actually what in the industry has come to be known as “a full M car.” Both those vehicles are certainly really quick and sporty to drive, but we have yet to actually see a proper Motorsport-badged EV, and the first ones may be the iX3 M and iX4 M that we are pretty sure BMW is working on right now.

We don’t have a lot to go by, but through one of the Bavarian automakers’ parts suppliers, we learned that the two hot electric SUVs may be revealed as early as next year. Interestingly, on the list of models the supplier was providing parts for, the iX3 (pictured below in M Sport guise) and iX4 had other code designations compared to the M models, strongly suggesting that they are definitely more than just M Sport variants (like the aforementioned i4 M50 and iX M60).

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In fact, we didn’t even know the automaker was planning on launching an electric X4 (which will come to be known as the iX4), so this was also new to us, on top of the the fact that it’s also getting an M version. And we don’t know how powerful these new M EVs will be, but they will surely surpass the i4 M50, with its 544 horsepower.

BMW recently revealed an EV prototype running a quad-motor setup. It was based on the i4 M50, but it had wider wheel arches, wider tires and some similarities to the current M3 and M4. The automaker didn’t say how much power that setup produces, especially since BMW engineers have made it clear that the new setup with four motors is completely different to what powers the current i4, so we have no idea what to expect.

We have been told by BMW that the wait will be worth it, although we don’t know when the first proper M EV will actually debut. But now we are pretty sure that it will be hot versions of the iX3 and the yet-to-be-revealed iX4 that will be the public’s first contact with such a vehicle.

And it would make sense, given that BMW has done this before. We are referring to the fact that the automaker first revealed the X3 M and X4 M (and the special S58 engine) that later also showed up in the M3 and M4 sedan and coupe models. Furthermore, SUVs are all the rage now so the Bavarian automaker probably expects to sell more high-riders than it would hot electric sedans and coupes.

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