A number of Tesla Model S and Model X owners have recently reported some of the early and popular V2 Supercharging locations with some stalls missing the Type 2 cables leaving only the CCS2 cable available for charging. 

With the missing cable, the older Model S sedans and Model X SUVs with only a Type 2 charge port can only use these stalls with a $320 upgrade from Tesla that includes a CCS2 adapter.

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Type 2 cables have been available in Hong Kong since the launch of Model S back in 2014. Dual cable Tesla Superchargers were deployed at new locations just before the Model 3 sedan began delivery in 2019. Meanwhile, the earlier locations were retrofitted to add CCS2 support. One of the largest V2 Supercharger sites in Hong Kong features 20 stalls that are all fitted with dual cables.

We are unsure if those cables have been removed permanently or if they were sent for repair. Another possibility is Tesla could be upgrading those stalls to support newer V3 chargers with only CC2 cables.

We shall wait and see if those owners will experience quicker charging speeds at those locations in the near future. It is not uncommon to see CCS2 cables primarily being deployed on most DC chargers in the city.

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