Is this the best Rivian R1S review on TikTok? It likely depends on what you're looking for, but it's certainly well worth the one minute and 10 seconds it takes to watch, and it's almost certain to put a smile on your face.

As we've said on a number of occasions, we love long and detailed written reviews of new EVs, and we also appreciate in-depth YouTube video reviews that capture virtually every detail of a new car. If we have the time, and it's a car we're truly interested in, you'd better bet we'll likely get lost in the text or the footage.

With that said, there's also a place for more concise reviews, since many folks simply don't have time to read or watch something that's going to take too much time. If it's executed well, a short article or a 10-minute video can really do a new car justice, and if it leaves people yearning for more, they can seek out more detailed examples.

The TikTok video review of the fully electric Rivian R1S three-row SUV below takes this concept to a whole new level. TikTok is starting to see many more car reviews. Since they're exceedingly short, they have to be fun, creative, original, quirky, or special in some way to really get people's attention. We believe this Rivian review has what it takes, and we're curious if you agree.


Not what you expected? Sure, it's not a typical car review, but it does provide a good amount of information in a very short time, and the delivery is impressive.

The review comes from Forrest Jones (@forrestsautoreviews). We've got to say, it appears Forrest must be doing something right since he has over 5 million followers and ~165 million likes. Perhaps it's the shredding on guitar, or maybe the hair or the Yeti? However, we're going with the cute doggie ...

Forrest notes that the Rivian R1S he tested starts at $97,000. He asks if it's worth the money. Forrest also adds in the comments that the R1S has 316 miles of EPA-estimated range. He mostly drove it on the highway at 80 mph or quicker, and he was able to get an impressive 289 miles of real-world range.

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