Skoda has just taken the digital wraps off a vehicle that previews how it plans to use the Volkswagen group MEB platform in the future. The Skoda Vision 7S concept previews a seven-seater electric crossover that puts a lot of emphasis on interior space, tech and modularity, but it also shows the brand’s future design direction.

According to Skoda's new CEO since July 1, Klaus Zellmer,

Today is a very special day in ŠKODA AUTO’s history: We’re unveiling our new brand identity, including a new logo and CI update. With the VISION 7S concept study, we’re giving a specific preview of an entirely new ŠKODA model that will round off the top end of our product portfolio and customer base.

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The company calls its new corporate look the Tech Deck Face, and even though it’s quite different to today’s design language, designers have somehow managed to retain the brand’s character, so it still looks like a Skoda, albeit quite a futuristic one. We should get used to the T-shaped light clusters and the design of the bumper because this is what all crossovers from Skoda will be inspired by for the next few years.

Interestingly, Skoda opted to mirror the T-shaped light cluster design for the rear fascia as well, as well as the design of the bumper complete with what looks like an integrated skid plate which is only ornamental, it’s not been designed to protect the vehicle’s underside. In fact, this design trait will surely be kept in one form or another for production vehicles where it will just serve as a design feature to make vehicles appear more rugged.

Being a fairly large vehicle with large wheel arches to fill, the Skoda 7S concept rides on 22-inch wheels, which seem just right for its size, and from certain angles it’s actually quite sporty. From a rear three-quarter perspective you can really see just how flat the roof is and how the integrated rear spoiler makes it appear even longer and flatter.

Skoda Vision 7S
Skoda Vision 7S

The interior is animal product-free an even bolder departure from current Skoda models, with a massive infotainment screen that can change its orientation, a dashboard that retracts out of the way when the vehicle is driving itself and a child seat that is fixed to the central console that cuts through the middle of the vehicle between all rows of seats. It’s safe to assume that this won’t be the standard seating layout for a production model, as that would feature a full three-place bench seat in the second row (although the unique child seat placement might still be an option).

Underpinning everything is an evolution of the VW MEB platform, powered by an 89 kWh battery pack that is good for a WLTP range of over 600 kilometers (373 miles), which can be charged at up to 200 kW.

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