Based on recent drone flyover footage shared by Joe Tegtmeyer on YouTube, Tesla is sitting on a growing number of its new 4680 cell structural battery packs at Giga Texas. It appears the company is just continuing to stockpile the packs, and while the output is encouraging, we have to wonder why the packs are sitting in stacks instead of being fitted into cars.

Tesla is using the new structural packs for Model Y crossovers coming out of the new factory in Texas. However, we're not sure how many of the Model Ys produced at Giga Austin are actually equipped with the new packs. We do know that Tesla is also producing the electric crossover in Texas with its 2170 battery cells and skateboard-style battery packs.

Once you get a chance to check out the aerial footage in the video above, you'll clearly see that there's a large number of 4680 structural packs just hanging out at Giga Texas. They're shown in the video in a sea of tall stacks in what looks like a massive storage area on one of the factory's upper floors.

There's always a chance these could be something other than Tesla's structural packs, though it appears to be pretty obvious. Much like the example shown at the Giga Texas delivery party, they have frames for mounting the Model Y seats directly to the pack itself.

At this point, determining why Tesla might be stockpiling the packs is proving difficult. Tesla doesn't provide much information to the public, and it doesn't have a PR department. Nonetheless, people are always speculating.

It could be as simple as Tesla putting the packs together at Giga Texas and stacking them when they're ready. However, the company could also be dealing with a problem with the packs, waiting on more parts or battery cells, addressing a lack of demand for the particular Model Y variant that gets the packs, and we could go on and on.

Regardless of the reason behind the growing number of packs, it's positive news that Tesla is clearly able to produce them in larger numbers. This could mean that once the automaker begins producing more vehicles that use the packs, it could speed up the process by using the inventory packs while building more and staying ahead of the game.

What do you think? Let us know why Tesla might be stockpiling these Model Y battery packs. Let's get a conversation started in the comment section below.

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