The ONYX LZR, which is available with two different motor options and combines the tough design of dirt jumpers with the speed and power of street-focused urban electric bikes, has been unveiled by the California-based electric motorbike manufacturer ONYX, which is well-known for its retro-themed, high-power electric mopeds.

The majority of new electric bikes are targeted at commuters and city dwellers. Therefore, it's encouraging to see performance-focused e-bikes occasionally enter the market. Given this, the ONYX LZR makes no compromises in terms of design and performance. Smooth Weld Additive Technology (SWAT) on a 6061 aluminum frame produces ultra-smooth weld connections with exact frame tube alignment. The LZR is an e-bike that can withstand jumps on the street, parks, or trails, and has BMX dirt jump hubs for toughness and 100mm of adjustable front suspension for comfort.

A 500W Dark Matter mid-drive motor with a 615W peak power and a top speed of 28 mph is what the ONYX LZR uses to provide thrills both on and off the pavement. A more potent 900W Bafang M600 mid-drive with 1,050W of peak power and a top speed of more than 30 mph is featured in the ONYX LZR Pro. Since these pedal-assisted e-bikes are intended for a full riding experience rather than being urban focused utility vehicles, neither model is equipped with a throttle.

ONYX’s New LZR Combines Dirt Jumper Performance With Urban Utility
ONYX’s New LZR Combines Dirt Jumper Performance With Urban Utility

Depending on the chosen riding mode, the 504Wh battery on both bikes allows for a range of 30 to 70 miles. The two ONYX LZR e-bikes were created with high performance in mind, yet without sacrificing essential bike geometry for lively riding. In fact, ONYX has been putting the LZR through its paces in challenging urban sessions and trials with elite riders for some time now. The bike's adaptability reflects ONYX's renowned multi-purpose design, which debuted with the RCR electric moped. A subtle nod to ONYX's previous retro-themed mopeds is also conveyed by the wood grain details surrounding the simple top-tube display.

With regard to cost and accessibility, ONYX keeps the LZR reasonably affordable at $2,799. It is currently available for pre-order for the delectable price of $1,999. The more powerful LZR PRO has an MSRP of $3,399 and can be ordered in advance for just $2,799. Only the first 100 units of each model are eligible for these pre-order discounts, so if you want to have one of these in your garage for that price, you should probably get to ordering. A link to the official ONYX website can be found below.

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