For many people, especially those living in the urban setting, stand-up electric scooters are a godsend. There are a number of benefits to hopping aboard these lightweight two-wheelers. For starters, they’re light, much smaller than a bicycle, and generally very easy to use. In large part, the boom of the e-scooter is thanks to brands like Xiaomi and Ninebot, who have pretty much set the standard recipe for a dependable e-scooter.

As it would turn out, Xiaomi, one of the fastest growing tech companies, is known for constantly innovating, updating its products, and releasing new techie devices. It isn’t all too surprising that it also continues building on its e-scooter model range with its newest model, the Electric Scooter 4 Pro. With enhanced features, the new model improves on its forerunner by giving you a little bit more speed, range, comfort, and stability.

The most recent model has been modified with a new motor that can generate a maximum power output of 700W, despite the majority of its design language remaining the same. With a 12,400-mAh battery, it can now travel 45 kilometers (28 miles) while in Eco mode and up to 25 kilometers per hour, or around 15.6 miles per hour, when in Sports mode. Despite having a body made of aerospace-grade aluminum and a total weight of just 17kg, the package can carry a rider with a weight of up to 120 kilograms.

Xiaomi Updates Its E-Mobility Range With New Electric Scooter 4 Pro
Xiaomi Updates Its E-Mobility Range With New Electric Scooter 4 Pro

To allow for a more comfortable ride, its size has been somewhat increased. Meanwhile , maintenance is made as simple as possible thanks to features like a magnetic charging port and tubeless, puncture-resistant tires. The Electric Scooter 4 Pro has all the cool features of its predecessor, like smartphone connectivity, LED lighting on the front and rear, and of course, the beloved folding design that makes it easy to take around on a daily basis. At present, Xiaomi has yet to announce when the Electric Scooter 4 Pro will begin rolling into stores. It is, however, priced at 650 Euros, which translates to the equivalent of around $648 USD.

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