The new MS01 electric scooter was created in partnership with Honda by the Japanese retail giant MUJI. The bike's modern, black-and-white appearance reflects the quiet, minimalist aesthetic of MUJI, while Honda technology provides the bike's equipment and power. The bike's design was taken up by Kenya Hara, artistic director of MUJI, who drew inspiration from the company's H-type bicycle and other minimalist-style innovations.

It's a pedal-assisted, sit-down scooter with the name of MS01, and it's surprisingly straightforward. To begin with, the U-shaped body of the scooter and the small bike pedals provide easy access for riders of all sizes. Additionally, the scooter has traditional handlebars with basic features designed to keep prices low and operation straightforward. As a result, the electric scooter has no additional functionality beyond a standard electric bike.

Honda Teams Up With Muji For Minimalist Electric Scooter

The 17-inch tubeless tires are used to handle all sorts of on-road riding, and the whole design merges with the subtleties found in many of Honda's vehicles. The 400W hub-mounted motor on the MS01 allows it to go at a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour (16 miles per hour). It also has a regenerative EBS power system and a 48V/20Ah lithium battery. As a result, a single charge is touted to cover 65 kilometers (41 miles) of distance. As a result, the bike only has to be charged once or twice a week and can withstand hours of daily riding—providing, of course, that you limit your journeys to commuting within the city.

Honda Teams Up With Muji For Minimalist Electric Scooter

The Muji x Honda MS01 will currently only be sold in China and will only be produced in a limited quantity of 5,000 pieces. Each scooter is anticipated to cost 4,980 CNY, which is around $744 USD. It's unfortunate that Honda and Muji aren't yet exporting the scooter to other regions of the world at this extremely low price. With its simple and cutting-edge style, it would make for a compelling alternative to existing electric bicycle and scooter models on the market.

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