Leaos is an Italian bicycle company that’s been around since 2012. Over the course of its existence, the brand has released a number of products that made use of innovative manufacturing processes, such as the Pressed Bike we covered previously. This time around, the brand is upping its game in the commuter e-bike segment with the Carbon Pure.

The Pure is a fully carbon-fiber-framed commuter electric bike that is incredibly lightweight and powerful. More specifically, the bike's frame was created by Leaos using a monocoque structure, which makes it very light and rigid. It weighs just 21 kilograms, which is definitely impressive. Now, the Pure is a machine designed specifically for urban use. As such, if you’re looking for an e-bike that can take you beyond the beaten path, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. That said, if you’re the type of commuter who wants the flashiest tech, and for whom money is no object, then the Pure could certainly be for you.

Leaos’ Carbon Pure Seeks To Set A New Standard For Commuter E-Bikes

To get things going, Leaos collaborated with Bosch to provide the Pure's electric drivetrain. One of the most dependable powertrains in the industry, the Pure has a mid-mounted Performance CX motor that cranks out 90 Nm of torque. The Bosch motor offers a top speed of 28 mph or 15.5 mph, depending on the version of the e-bike that’s permitted per your local e-bike rules and regulations. As for range figures, Leaos is claiming an impressive 105 miles on a single charge of the battery. Speaking of which, the Pure gets a 625 Wh Powertube, with Leaos stating that it’ll release the Pure with a bigger 750-Wh battery pack by 2024.

Leaos’ Carbon Pure Seeks To Set A New Standard For Commuter E-Bikes

The Gates Carbon belt drive in the Pure keeps everything simple, orderly, and easy to maintain while complementing the ultra-modern flourishes. The drivetrain options for the 2022 models and years that follow include the E-14 Rohloff in addition to the Enviolo TR or NuVinci. With this much tech and customizability on tap, it’s not at all surprising that the Pure commands quite a premium. You’re looking at a price tag starting at 6,850 Euros, which translates to the equivalent of around $7,100 USD.

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