JD Power just released the results of its second annual US Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study, and Tesla is the champ. As more and more people adopt EVs, charging infrastructure is paramount. That said, many EV owners have shared that they're not happy with the public charging situation as it stands. There simply aren't enough charging stations, and oftentimes many aren't working.

JD Power says despite the fact that there there are more public charging stations than ever before, owners' satisfaction as a whole declined year over year. On the flip side, Tesla owners tend to rave about the Supercharger network thanks to its widespread locations, ease of use, and excellent reliability.

Executive director of global automotive at JD Power Brent Gruber shared:

“Public charging continues to provide challenges to overall EV adoption and current EV owners alike. Not only is the availability of public charging still an obstacle, but EV owners continue to be faced with charging station equipment that is inoperable."

According to the study, Tesla's Level 2 Destination chargers ranked the highest among all public Level 2 charging stations in the US. Tesla Destination scored 680 points on a 1,000-point scale, followed by Volta at 667 and ChargePoint at 639. As you can see, the segment average is just 633.

Meanwhile, Tesla's Supercharger network also topped the charts, with a score of 739 out of 1,000. The average score for DC fast chargers is 674, and Tesla's high score pushed that average up significantly. Notice that no other brand scored above the segment average, with ChargePoint at 644 and Electrify America at 614.

The JD Power study measures EV owners' satisfaction based on 10 factors: 

  • Ease of charging
  • Speed of charging
  • Cost of charging
  • Ease of payment
  • Ease of finding this location
  • Convenience of this location
  • Things to do while charging
  • How safe you feel at this location
  • Availability of chargers
  • Physical condition of the charging location

JD Power adds that most owners are relatively satisfied with the ease of charging at both Level 2 and DC fast charging stations. However, the other nine categories brought the overall scores down. Public charging "operability and maintenance" was one of the key concerns. While there are more stations than there were in the past, many don't work on a regular basis.

For many more exhaustive details, visit the source link below to check out the JD Power study for yourself. Once you've had a chance to take it all in, head down to our comment section and start a conversation.

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