Electric tricycles have long been a well-liked option for anyone seeking either a beast of burden for carrying heavy loads or a middle ground for those who aren't quite ready to swing a leg over an electric two-wheeler. That said, Addmotor is shaking up the game with the newest update to its popular electric trike, the M-340, which now gets a new powertrain and a bigger, better battery. 

The company's new EB2.0 technology, which initially made its debut in the E-52 City Pro commuter-focused electric bicycle, makes the improved Addmotor M-340 shine brighter. Now that Addmotor has incorporated that new powerplant into its popular three-wheeler, the model's versatility and long-distance cargo-carrying capacities have been considerably enhanced. With the new powertrain, Addmotor promises a whopping 125 miles of range on a single battery charge.

The step-through frame and foot platforms of the Addmotor M-340 make it easy to mount and ride. This friendly layout makes it far more accessible, especially for individuals with little to no experience riding a bicycle, thanks to the fact that it has three wheels instead of two. Even better, the M-340 includes a throttle that eliminates the need for pedaling and provides speeds of up to 20 mph. It does, however, also offer pedal-assist functionality. 

A closer look at the revised powertrain reveals that the 48V electrical system and 750W motor work together to propel this trike through a variety of terrain. Furthermore, a  7-speed transmission will make it easy for the rider to assist the electric motor, especially while ascending more difficult hills. However, no matter how much cargo you're towing, the hydraulic disc brakes are guaranteed to provide confidence-inspiring braking capability when it's time to slow down.

The Addmotor M-340 isn't a cheap machine; it costs $2,999. Given how much technology Addmotor packed into the upgraded trike, this is not at all surprising. The improved powerplant of this electric tricycle makes it capable of towing heavy loads across virtually any surface. A front suspension fork and fat tires on each of the three corners provide a more comfortable ride than most electric trikes can. The three-wheeler has a rider weight capacity of 160 kilograms and can also carry 45 kilograms of luggage.

Addmotor Updates Its Fat-Tire M-340 Electric Trike With New Powertrain
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