The Freedom ST, a new step-through e-bike from Wing Bikes, has just been introduced, and has the e-bike commuter market in its crosshairs. It is intended to bring performance similar to what we've come to expect from Wing Bikes, but with a much more user-friendly frame design. As you can see, it has a step-through frame, which is a feature that has grown in popularity, especially among commuter bikes made for urban environments.

In the world of standard, non-electric bikes, step-through frames are a favorite of lady riders, as well as those advanced in age, lacking the loose and limber mobility they once had when they were younger. These days, however, the step-through frame design has pretty much become a universally accepted frame configuration for commuter-focused electric bicycles. Not only does this save costs for manufacturers, and thereby allowing for much more affordable go-to-market pricing, it also makes e-bikes in general much more accessible to a wider range of riders. 

Wing Bikes Offers Affordable Freedom ST Urban Commuter E-Bike

With the Freedom ST, users can comfortably mount the bike by stepping over the middle of the 6061 aluminum alloy frame, rather than extending their leg high over the back of the bike. Due to the lack of a necessity for riders to pass a high top tube, the minimum height requirement for riders is also lowered. The Wing Freedom ST promises to accommodate riders with heights ranging from 5'1" to 6'2"; in the grand scheme of things, this makes the bike very adaptable. The downtube housing the battery is one of the frame's interesting characteristics, creating an extremely streamlined and sleek appearance.

Moving onto the performance side of things, the Freedom ST is equipped with a hub motor from Bafang which is rated at 550W of continuous power. This compact power unit pumps out a decent 45 Nm of torque, enough to propel the little commuter to a top speed of 25 miles per hour with pedal assist. Furthermore, you can opt to purchase an optional hand throttle, but it's only good for up to 20 miles per hour, and will eat a bit into the bike's claimed pedal-assist-range of at least 35 miles per charge. 

Wing Bikes Offers Affordable Freedom ST Urban Commuter E-Bike

Speaking of batteries, Wing Bikes is offering three battery configurations for the Freedom ST: 8.8, 10.4, or 14 amp-hours, which can return up to 35, 45, or 60 miles of range on a single charge, respectively. As mentioned earlier, these claimed range figures are good only for pedal-assist mode, with just the right amount of pedaling required on your end. 

As for pricing and availability, the Wing Freedom ST starts at a base price of $1,450 USD. However, this price can easily go up, should you opt for higher capacity batteries, as well as optional extras such as a throttle, fenders, location tracker, and luggage rack. 

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