YouTube influencer EV Driver has owned a Volkswagen ID.3 electric car for about a year and a half. For those unfamiliar, the ID.3 is a compelling electric hatch that's sadly unavailable on our shores. If VW sold the ID.3 in the States, do you think many people would choose it over the Tesla Model 3? Perhaps after watching the video, you'll be better equipped to answer.

EV Driver's real name is Alex Gillon, and he covers racing content related to F1 gaming, so we were definitely interested in getting his take on the Tesla Model 3 Performance for a number of reasons. He drove the Tesla for the first time, and while he put the video together to share how it compares to the Volkswagen ID.3, he makes it clear that it's not an in-depth Tesla review with loads of details about Autopilot or Full Self-Driving, etc. 

Alex goes over the Model 3 Performance's pros and cons, as well as what sets it apart from the VW ID.3. Hopefully, this comparison will help others decide which EV is the best fit. Right off the bat, EV Driver stomps on the Tesla's accelerator pedal and is blown away by its ridiculous acceleration. He goes so far as to say that even though he expected it to be quick, the experience was "mind-boggling."

Alex spends a good amount of time focusing on the Model 3's screen, noting that it's not only larger than the ID.3's, but also much more responsive. The Model 3's screen is used to control virtually every feature in the car, so it's a much more critical focal point in the Tesla than the display in many other cars. He concludes that the Model 3's software is clearly far superior to the VW's, though he admits that the speed limit recognition isn't very reliable or consistent in the UK.

The review covers a whole lot of bases. It moves on to compare these two EVs' regenerative braking systems, screen visualizations, apps, smartphone connectivity, driving dynamics, and much more. This seems like a good point to leave you to watch the video since words can only do it so much justice.

If you had your choice between the Volkswagen ID.3 and Tesla Model 3 Performance, which would you choose? Keep in mind that the 2022 ID.3 starts at the equivalent of around $35,000. A Model 3 Performance will set you back $63,000+. Even the base Model 3 start at nearly $50,000.

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