It wasn't long ago that comedian and late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon was raving about the F-150 Lightning on his show, and he even wrote a song about it. Last week, he took it to the next level by making a surprise visit to the factory workers who actually build the electric pickup truck.

Fallon spent part of the day Friday, August 5, 2022, with Ford CEO Jim Farley at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. The comedian dressed the part, complete with an orange safety vest and a hard hat. This comes as no surprise from a comedian who seems willing to do almost anything with no worries about what people may think of him. C'mon, he even wrote a crazy song about the F-150 Lightning called "Junk in My Frunk."


According to the Detroit Free Press, Fallon spent about an hour participating in an F-150 Lightning factory tour with Ford's CEO. Also present were plant manager Corey Williams and manufacturing communications specialist Fallon Gates, who may not be named after the comedian, but admits to having a bit of fun when she introduced herself to Jimmy. Gates shared:

"I am not sure who enjoyed the visit more, the employees at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center or Jimmy Fallon. Everyone was all smiles. Jimmy said that the tour really blew his mind."


As you can see, Jimmy also had an opportunity to drive the F-150 Lightning. While it doesn't seem to be the first time the comedian got behind the wheel of the electric truck, it's likely the first time he put it through the paces on a real track.

The article notes that the Ford plant was just one of the multiple stops Fallon was planning in the Detroit area. It's important to note that the comedian and Jim Farley actually have a connection that some people may be unaware of. Famous comedian Chris Farley, CEO Jim's late cousin, starred on Saturday Night Live along with Fallon.

Ford factory workers were clearly shocked and excited to have Jimmy on the site. Some confessed their love for him and, of course, they talked about trucks.

Fallon is a truck fan, and especially a Ford truck fan. In fact, the Detroit Free Press notes that he's been mentioning Ford trucks in his routines for years. However, writing a silly song about a Ford truck appears to be a first for the talk-show host.

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