While it seems like the LA Auto Show just happened, it's coming again relatively soon. The 2022 show will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from November 18 through November 27. For those unaware, the LA Auto Show is among the most anticipated across the globe each year due in part to its focus on the future.

There are always all sorts of new vehicles at the LA Auto Show, which is to be expected. However, the show does a solid job of bringing a growing number of electric vehicles before the eyes of the world. This year, with gas prices skyrocketing and the overall interest in EVs growing much more rapidly, you'd better bet the show stands to be even more EV-centric than ever before.

If the organizers at the LA Auto Show, or really any other similar show, really want to get people's attention and hit a home run for EVs, they probably want to feature Tesla and its vehicles. However, Tesla hasn't launched any new vehicles, and while its current lineup is sure to get some attention, it's not going to blow people away. To do it right, LA Auto Show organizers may want to try to get their hands on a Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla Semi, and/or the all-new next-gen Tesla Roadster supercar.

According to information discovered by The Kilowatts, it appears perhaps the LA Auto Show could have a next-get Tesla Roadster on hand at the upcoming show. The car on the flyer isn't labeled, and there's no way to know for sure, but it looks like a Roadster.


As you can see, there are multiple flyers with the image of what appears to be the Tesla Roadster. The Kilowatts figure maybe Tesla will be officially unveiling the final production version of the Roadster around the time of the LA Auto Show.

Next year, 2023, is supposed to be not only the year of the Roadster, but also the Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi. Wouldn't it be an epic feat if the LA Auto Show could feature all three future Tesla vehicles ahead of their launch? What are the chances CEO Elon Musk would make an appearance and chat with the press?


All three future Tesla vehicles have been delayed for years, and the brand, as well as Musk, has been clear to confirm that they are coming next year. If Tesla is 100 percent certain it can finally bring these three EVs to market in 2023, it would make sense to have them on display in Los Angeles prior to the end of 2022. Perhaps they could make their way to the Peterson Automotive Museum as well.

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